Gorgeous Shabby Chic Crystal Chandelier Ideas For A Bathroom – Reviews

Shabby Chic Bathroom Crystal Chandeliers

Shabby chic style crystal chandeliers are SO pretty to hang in a small bathroom.  Adding a crystal chandelier to your bathroom decor will add elegance and beauty to your space.

This style of chandelier is available in different styles and sizes.  Crystal chandeliers are designed with metal arms that are covered in crystals or glass accents.

The crystals reflect light in all directions and cast dazzling patterns on the walls and ceiling.

Crystal chandeliers are the perfect accent piece for a small room like a bathroom, a nursery, a closet or an entryway.  They are also the perfect style of fixture to hang in a shabby chic bathroom.

The crystals on these chandeliers will add sparkle to your bathroom and an elegant touch to your space.  The chandeliers that are featured on this page, are crafted from real crystals, glass or a acrylic material.

Let’s take a look at some shabby chic style crystal chandeliers that would be suitable for a bathroom and some answers to commonly asked questions.

Crystal Chandelier Modern Mini Shabby Chic Chandeliers 1-Light Bronze Farmhouse Ceiling Fixtures Foyer Pendant Lights Small Girls Room Island Entryway Sink Lighting

Shabby Chic Crystal Chandeliers

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This gorgeous crystal chandelier will add charm and soft light to any space.  The crystals on this modern plug in chandelier are crystal clear, reflecting colorful light that is both charming and elegant.

Made of high-quality wrought iron, this crystal chandelier has been repeatedly polished, with stronger bearing capacity and durability.  The height of the chain can be adjusted.

I think this next mini crystal chandelier would be stunning with its antique white and gold finish.

Shabby Chic Cottage Style Mini-mini Chandelier, perfect for a girls bedroom room, closet or bathroom. custom made to order

Shabby Chic Crystal Chandeliers

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This shabby chic mini chandelier is stunning and would create luxury in a bathroom setting.  This gorgeous chandelier can be custom made to order.

It features four (4) candelabra style lights in our shabby “Antique White & Gold” finish with all clear crystals .

Also the larger crystal in the center is a hand cut vintage crystal made in Japan in the 1950’s.

This chandelier is approx. 11″ diameter x 12″ tall as shown, and  comes with 3′ of chain, matching ceiling canopy and hardware.

Here is another crystal chandelier created by the same seller on Etsy.

Shabby Chic Cottage Farm Style Mini Chandelier, perfect for a kitchen, bedroom room, closet or bathroom, Custom made to order

Shabby Chic Crystal Chandelier

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This shabby chic cottage farm style mini chandelier would look gorgeous in a small bathroom.  This chandelier measures approx. 12″ diameter x 12″ and comes with 3′ chain, matching ceiling canopy and hardware.

A swag style is available upon request, please provide the length of chain & cord needed.

This chandelier comes ready to hang, all the crystals are already attached.  We recommend 40 watt bulbs, candelabra base.  Bulbs not included.

This next traditional style crystal chandelier would also be stunning in a small bathroom.

Ossu 3 – Light Dimmable Classic / Traditional Chandelier

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This pretty chandelier finished in light pink consists of 3 candelabra style lights with Egyptian cut real crystals.  The intertwined branches accented by delicately cradled crystals resembles frozen water droplets.

The overall dimensions of this cute chandelier are 12” H X 13” W X 13” D.  It would be the perfect size for a small bathroom or powder room.

What To Look For When Buying a Crystal Chandelier

The first thing you will need to take into consideration is the size, shape and style of the chandelier.  The chandelier has to be the right size in order to provide sufficient light for the size of your bathroom.

A chandelier that is too big could overpower the room while a chandelier that is too small won’t illuminate the room properly.

A simple rule of thumb for determining the correct size of chandelier for your space is to measure the length and width of your room in feet, and then add those two numbers together.  Whatever the total is will be the width of your chandelier.

For example, if your bathroom measures 10′ x 10′ then the total would be 20.’  Therefore, your chandelier should be 20″ wide.

You will also need to consider the height of your bathroom ceiling so that your chandelier hangs at an appropriate height.

No matter which crystal chandelier you decide to get for your bathroom, it will add an elegant touch to your space.

This next chandelier has been designed in a traditional Italian style with 4 lights.

Traditional Italian Crystal 4 Light Bronze Mini Chandelier

Shabby Chic Crystal Chandeliers

This traditional Italian style crystal mini chandelier would be perfect to hang in a shabby chic bathroom.  The chandelier features an English bronze finish with four lights and crystal accents.

The crystal accents and and glass column will add timeless detailing to your bathroom setting.

This pendant chandelier would be perfect to hang in a bathroom, kitchen, a bedroom or nursery to add elegance and style.

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You can also get this particular chandelier in a white finish and it is on sale now at Houzz.

Crystorama Lighting Group 5534-CL-I Traditional Crystal 4 Light – Wet White /

shabby chic crystal chandelier

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This gorgeous 4-light crystal chandelier is crafted from steel with a white finish.  It is decorated with clear Italian crystals in a chain suspended design.

It measures W 11″ / D 1″ / H 15″ and would be the perfect size for a small bathroom.

Best Place To Hang A Bathroom Chandelier

The best place to hang a bathroom chandelier is the in the center of the room.  Hanging this style of fixture in the center of the room will provide symmetry to offset the tub, shower, toilet, and vanity.

If you have a freestanding tub and you would like to hang your crystal chandelier above it, the National Electrical Code suggests that it should be at least 8 feet above the tub or 3 feet away from the shower, sink, or toilet.

They have come up with these recommendations for safety reasons in case the chandelier were to fall.

Here is another mini crystal chandelier in a bronze finish that would compliment a shabby chic style.

riomasee Mini Chandelier Bronze Crystal Chandelier 1 Light Elegant Chandelier Crystal Iron Ceiling Light Fixture for Bathroom,Foyer,Bedroom,Girls Room


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This mini bronze crystal chandelier is suitable to hang in a bathroom.  This gorgeous dainty mini chandelier will add a touch of brightness to your small space.

The combination of dazzling crystals and hardware surrounds a single bulb, making this compact beauty a focal point for your room. 

The combination of the matte black and gold finish adds a rustic touch to this chandelier.  Perfect for sloped ceilings.

This 3-light chandelier in a bronze finish will add both style and functionality to any room in your home.

Maxim 2855 Elegante 14″ Wide 3 Light Chandelier – Bronze


Shabby Chic Crystal Chandeliers

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This classic single tiered chandelier will add elegance to any room in your home.  Delicate leaves and crystals top the wrap-around vines.

This 3-light chandelier is constructed from iron and crystals and is designed to cast light in an upward direction.

Offered in Etruscan gold or an Oil rubbed Bronze finish.

This next chandelier in an antique white finish would look great in a Shabby chic bathroom.

Paris Market 4 Light Clear Crystal White Mini Chandelier – Ceiling Light Fixture – Chandeliers for Hallway, Living Room, Foyer, Farmhouse – Indoor Modern Chandelier

Shabby Chic Crystal Chandeliers

This gorgeous mini four light crystal chandelier features an antique white finish and clear hand cut crystalsThe combination of wrought iron with clear crystal accents makes this fixture both timeless and whimsical.

This vintage style chandelier requires four (4) 60W candelabra base incandescent lamps.  Its small silhouette will add warmth and sparkle to any room in your home. Hand cut clear crystal is the choice of traditionalists.

This Paris market chandelier works perfectly in small spaces and children’s rooms.

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Are Crystal Chandeliers Still In Style?

Crystal chandeliers are definitely not out of style.  These fixtures are ever popular as a choice in lighting for a bathroom.  You might even say that crystal chandeliers are making a comeback in the design world.

These chandeliers are beautiful in appearance and and will light up any space with elegance and class.  Homeowners like to hang small crystal chandeliers in a bathroom, over a kitchen island, in a baby’s nursery, in a closet, or foyer as part of the overall decor.

This style of chandelier is also versatile, in that it will go with any decor including shabby chic, french-country, farmhouse, traditional and more.  This makes this style of chandelier the perfect choice in a lighting fixture.

Another chandelier that you might be interested in is this mini chandelier made with real crystals.

Crystorama Lighting – Three Light Mini Chandelier – Mini Chandelier – Paris

This 3-light mini chandelier will offer an elegant esthetic for any room in your home.  The hand painted frame features a vintage, distressed look that is perfect for a modern farmhouse or shabby chic. 

This light fixture will add both character and style to your space.  This pretty chandelier measures 13” W x 14” H.

Authorized for use in damp, high-humidity interior locations or protected exterior locations.

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This stunning 3-light black chandelier features K9 crystals with a metal arms.

Garwarm Vintage K9 Clear Crystal Chandeliers Ceiling Lights, 3 Lights Crystal Pendant Lighting, Ceiling Light Fixtures for Living Room Bedroom Restaurant Porch (Black)

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This crystal chandelier with 3-lights will add mid-century character to your bathroom interior.  Made from smooth metal arms and REAL CRYSTALS (K9), this gorgeous chandelier will create chic atmosphere for your bathroom space.

It has been designed with just the right amount of crystals to create a sparkly rainbow effect on the wall and ceiling.  It measures 13.4″L x 13″W x 13″H.

Another traditional style chandelier that would be perfect to hang in a shabby chic bathroom is this 3-light chandelier.

Dexter 3 – Light Classic / Traditional Chandelier

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This 3-light candle style crystal chandelier will bring an elegant touch to any space.  Its elegant white finish is paired with meticulously placed crystals for an instant upgrade.

The fixture is made from iron with a white finish with clear crystals.  It would be suitable to hang in a bathroom.

The overall dimensions of this chandelier are 18.75” H X 14.5” W X 14.5” D.

How Long Have Crystal Chandeliers Been Around?

Crystal chandeliers have been around for centuries, the first appearing in late 16th century.  They were designed with natural rock crystals, making them difficult to produce and expensive to own.

Traditionally, crystal chandeliers would have been hung over a dining table or in a foyer of a home.  Now, crystal chandeliers are displayed in bathrooms, kitchen, foyers, bedrooms, and even closets.

Here is a gorgeous mini chandelier that would go with your shabby chic decor. 

Minka Lavery Castlewood Walnut and Crystal 3-Light Small Mini Chandelier

shabby chic crystal chandelier

This crystal 3-light mini chandelier is simply stunning and will add some bling to your bathroom space.  It features a walnut brown finish with silver accents and crystal glass drops.

It measures 13.75 x 13.75 x 18.50 inches (L x W x H) and includes 6-feet of chain and 10-feet of wire. Minimum hang height of 21″. Maximum hang height of 141 1/4″. Sloped ceiling adaptable.

Uses three maximum 60 watt candelabra base bulbs (not included).

Where To Buy:  Walmart

In Summary,

Adding a crystal chandelier to your shabby chic bathroom, will add a touch of elegance and class to your space. Crystal chandeliers are the perfect accent piece to add to a small room like a bathroom.

A crystal chandelier will add vintage elegance to your space and will be a reflection of your feminine style.  Mini or small crystal chandeliers are available in many different styles and sizes.

You can’t go wrong by hanging one of these beautiful mini chandeliers in your bathroom to create a romantic and shabby chic atmosphere.

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