Large Decorative Arched Window Pane Wall Mirrors In A Distressed Finish – Vintage Styles You’ll LOVE

Large decorative arched window pane wall mirrors in a distressed finish are striking in appearance and will make a beautiful accent piece for any room in your home.  The purposeful distressing on these mirrors will pair well with a lot of different decor settings including farmhouse.

These rustic vintage-style wall mirrors will bring character and elegance to your wall space and will become the focal point of any room.

Placing one of these large decorative arched window pane mirrors on your wall will also reflect light and give you the illusion of a wider space.

These arched window pane wall mirrors in a distressed finish will be the perfect addition to your rustic country theme and will definitely make a statement on your wall.

There are so many places where you could place one of these window pane wall mirrors in your home, like over a sideboard or buffet in your dining room.

You could also place one of these mirrors over a console table in an entryway or over a dresser in a bedroom.

I think this first decorative wall mirror with an arched frame is really unique in appearance with screening on the doors.

Farmhouse 45 x 31 Inch Wall Mirror with Arched Frame by Studio 350 – Antique White


This two-door panel wall mirror highlights an arched window-inspired construction with two doors revealing a smooth, reflective mirror inside.

These doors feature netting details perfectly complementing the antique white finishing of the frame creating a country appeal.  Easy-to-hang on most types of walls, this wall mirror will be ideal for rustic and farmhouse-themed settings.

The overall dimensions of this farmhouse wall mirror in a distressed finish are 31.0 In. X 2.0 In. X 45.0 In.

Where To Buy:  Overstock

This rustic arched windowpane wall mirror would be perfect to hang at one end of a long hallway.

Parisloft 47″H Rustic Arched Windowpane Wood and Metal Wall Mirror

 arched window pane wall mirrors

This rustic arched windowpane mirror features a cathedral-inspired arched silhouette wood frame with a distressed beige finish.  The non-beveled glass mirror provides a brilliant reflection, letting the light bounce off to expand and brighten your space.

The mirror displays five black metal panes which add both depth and design. Bring impressive farmhouse rustic style to your entryway, living room, dining room, office or bedroom with this arched-shaped mirror.

It comes with 2 triangle-ring hangers securely attached to ensure that it hangs safely against your wall.  The overall dimensions of this mirror are 18.125″W x 1.625″D x 47″H. 

Where To Buy:  Walmart

Another decorative arched window pane wall mirror that you could display on your wall is this Parisloft distressed white arched window pane mirror in a distressed white finish.

Parisloft Distressed White Arched Window Pane Wood Framed Wall Mirror


This Parisloft distressed white arched window pane mirror with its cathedral inspired arched design will brighten up any room and create the illusion of a larger space.  The distressed white painted finish gives it an authentic rustic and charming feel.

This oversized rustic wall mirror with an elegant rustic farmhouse touch is the perfect focal point to any decor.

The frame is finished in an elegantly distressed white finish for a vintage feel.  Easy to hang with 2 pre-installed D-ring hooks.

This arched window pane mirror would be perfect to hang inn an entryway over a console table, a hallway, in a living room or in a bedroom over a dresser.

The overall dimensions of this mirror are 31.875″W x 1″D x 31.875″H.

Where To Buy:  Walmart

Large Distressed White Wood 3-Panel Arched Wall Mirror w/ Window Frame

These large distressed 3-paneled vintage white wall mirrors with window frames will bring vintage-style and country charm to your living space.

The arched silhouette, distressed antique white finish, and interior window frame around the mirrors will add a textural vintage cottage look to your wall.

The mirrors will reflect light, making your room or hallway feel bigger and brighter. The neutral white hue of the distressed wood frames with decorative carvings works with any color palette or wallpaper because of its neutral tones.

The overall dimensions of these farmhouse mirrors are W 1″ / D 16″ / H 60″ / 47.8 lb.

Where To Buy:  Houzz

Radley Accent Mirror

Adding a decorative accent mirror to your wall offers useful reflection and can help make a space feel larger, all while adding a decorative touch to complement your room’s aesthetic.

This mirror showcases a window pane-inspired design in an antique white finish making it the perfect accent piece for any modern farmhouse or country cottage ensemble.  It’s crafted from wood and can be mounted or leaned against your wall for a freestanding look.

This mirror features purposeful distressing to the paint to give it a vintage or farmhouse look.

The overall dimensions of this mirror are 52” H x 30” W x 1.25” D.

Where To Buy:  Wayfair

Distressed Cream Sadie Arch Mirror


This Sadie arched mirror in a distressed cream finish with its striking design is reminiscent of an arched cathedral window.  Crafted from wood composite, this mirror comes ready to hang and measures 35L x 1.25W x 45.5 H in. from the arch’s peak.

According to customer reviews, this mirror has more of a distressed white finish to it.

There are so many places where this beautiful mirror could be displayed like on top of a mantel or over a console table to add some farmhouse flair.

Where To Buy:  Kirkland’s

Here is a 2-piece arched mirror set that I think would look great over a bedroom dresser.

2 Piece Baity Mirror Set

This set of two arched window pane mirrors in a distressed finish will add dimension and character to your wall.  This set of two window mirrors are made from wood and feature rustic details with distressed paint and vintage-style hardware.

No matter where you decide to display these arched window pane mirrors, they are sure to make a visual statement with their attention to detail.

Where To Buy:  Wayfair

Rustic Cathedral Arch Window Shutter Wall Vanity Mirror

This rustic cathedral style window shutter wall mirror will add a bit of rustic and vintage-inspired country charm into your home decor.  This mirror features a lovely light brown wood and subtle whitewashed window panes to create this charming vanity mirror.

A perfect addition to your country rustic themed decor style, this arched mirror also has a decorative and unique metal floral motif beneath the arch, adding a touch of modern style and sophistication.

This decorative window pane mirror would go perfectly with your farmhouse themed decor style and would compliment other natural wood and metal elements already in place at your home.

There are a host of spots where this window pane mirror could be hung in your home.  A perfect addition for the bathroom or as an accent piece at the end of a hallway.  You could also hang this mirror over a dresser or vanity in a bedroom.

Outfitted with two triangle hooks on the back for easy hanging, this wall mirror is ready to hang in any room where you want to add some vintage charm.

The overall dimensions of this mirror are: 34.25″ H x 21.25″ L x 1.75″ D Weight: 11.5 lbs.

Where To Buy:  Walmart

Athena Farmhouse Arch Window Mirror 43″ x 28″ by Aspire



This stylish farmhouse arch window wall mirror features a two-tone distressed wood finish and showcases a dramatic arch windowpane design that can easily fit into both modern and rustic farmhouse-inspired home decor.

The solid wood frame of this decorative arch mirror offers a subtle blend of chestnut and blue-gray matte finishes.

The design of this mirror will coordinate well with existing room styles, but will also be an elegant focal point for any room in your home.

Strategic placement of this mirror will help the room to appear brighter and more light-filled, easily transforming the entire feel of the space.

Where To Buy:  Walmart


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